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In Islam what is expiation for breaking a promise


I live in UAE. I am married and have kids. Couple of years back i had an affair with a Christian girl. Affair became serious and things started going towards marriage. She converted to Islam. I promised that day to marry her. Later due to many issues and attitude problem increased and i could not handle her madness. Because all this thing was hidden from my family and she was trying to have knowledge and contact with my family so i refused to marry her. She went mad and disturbed me a lot. As time passed she became normal. I said sorry to her and later she accepted and then we started living as good friends. As per my guess she has reverted back to Christianity but she refuses and tell to have faith on both religions.
My question is this, i broke my promise and later as per my knowledge she reverted to Christianity. In Islam what is expiation for this Sin.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question
Breaking promise is a great sin in Islam as we can see in multiple verse of Quran; Allah swt didn’t allowed our prophet to do such thing to his enemies as we can see in 9:8; Allah swt counts those who fulfil their promises as Godwary and cursed those who break their promises and their punishment will be “ills of the [ultimate] abode” (13:25).
There are different types of promises, promising to ourselves, to Allah swt, to prophet sawa and masumeen as, to mulims, to non-muslims etc.
so what you did in breaking your promise is a sin and you must repent to Allah swt from what you did and also seek Forgiveness from that person
Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi