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Impurity Spreading


Assalamualikum Ustaad. I have a question regarding impurity spreading. A few weeks ago, in the morning I got impurity onto my hand. I washed my hand but while washing, almost immediately, water splashes from the sink went onto my left ear (the top part). This water is most likely to be impure. I was running late for school so I told myself I can wash later when I get home as I had no way of praying in school. I then left to go school and it started raining so I put my hood from my coat on. When I got to school however, I took the hood off and the furry part of the hood was wet and touched the impure part of my ear. I am assuming that the impurity spread onto the hood but I ignored since I don’t pray with this coat anyway. It dried up but after school it rained again and the furry part of the hood got wet and when i got in my car and I took my hood off, the wet part of the hood touched the seat I was in pretty much all over. I’m just concerned that impurity has spread onto it because if someone else sits there with wet clothing, then their clothes will become impure. Please answer asap because I have waswasa.


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

If you washed your hand with the Kurr water and water splashed to other place and didn’t have the najis substance in it or the taste, smell and color doesn’t changes, it is considered Paak.

So if you have washed with the Kurr water then it is Paak and you don’t have to be waswas.

Question: If kurr water is poured on a najis hand, and some of this water splashes off, what is the ruling of such splashed water?

Answer: According to the view of all the maraje’, in the case of kurr water coming in contact with a najis substance, or something that has become najis because of coming in contact with a najis substance, it won’t become najis, given that the splashed water doesn’t contain any of the najis substance and it hasn’t taken on the color, smell or taste of the najis substance.

Therefore, the water that splashes when poured on a najis hand isn’t najis if it doesn’t contain any najis substance or hasn’t taken on the color, smell or taste of it, and in the case of their being doubt whether the water carries najis particles or its smell, taste or color have changed or not, we don’t need to pay attention to the doubt and the water splashed is considered pak (not najis).

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider