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Impurity due to urine incontinence

I have OCD and urine incontinence I read somewhere that passing pee intentionally makes you impure but I have been having OCD because of it and my mind goes to this point everytime like once I thought of something that made me pass pee a little but I did it again but I knew that it will make me pee but I still did it but I have been trying to avoid intentionally passing the urine . Another time I knew that doing a particular thing will make me pee but I did it and after doing that I realized that I might have done it intentionally what do I do because I can’t keep my mind out of these thoughts though I’ve been trying but it still happens sometimes does it make me impure ?

Waalaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question.

Since you have OCD and are doubting excessively, you have to rule out every doubt of your as paak.  Hence, you are not impure and you should not pay attention to it all.

I know that you are in a tough situation with your OCD but you should also know that you alone can help yourself come out of it gradually. Your only obligation is to ignore any doubts. Be persistent on this and in a week’s time, you will have significantly improved.

Pray in plenty for yourself, keep busy and take it easy when it comes to doubts. just ignore them all. This will be very tough initially but it is doable insha’Allah,

Hopefully, all goes well,