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Impurity and waswasa


Assalamualaikum. Earlier today, a pimple on my back popped not by my doing, most likely due to tight shirt. I’m wondering whether my wudu was broken since when I touched it with my finger, there was wetness (probably pus) around and on the spot. How am I meant to know if it flowed or if it just spread due to my shirt being tight? And was my wudu broken? Also I have waswasa and so when I washed the pus off my finger, I felt splashes on my face, almost immediately. Do these splashes carry impurity?


Waalaykum Salam

Popping of your pimple does not break your wudhoo.

I would suggest you do a good reading on Taharat using this link<;
start reading from mas’alah no 15.

Also, just to relieve you off your worry, the water that you washed with,
was not najis.

Best wishes,