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Impure shoes and waswasa


I have a pair of shoes that got impure due to urine splashes one day. The part that is impure is the top part. The splashes dried up and i never thought about it until now. It had rained many times and gone onto the shoes and im not saying its purified now but i thought i should mention it. It snowed last night, most of it turned to ice. When i was walking, the snow touched the tip of my shoes which was also impure. I then walked onto the part of the snow that touched my shoe. I am thinking that maybe the wetness didnt go onto the shoe but i think its unlikely. I am also thinking in my head “maybe its the waswasa making you think that you stepped on the impure part” but theres also a part of me thinking that im only thinking this so that i dont have to face the reality that I have spread the impurity. I think that after walking on that impure part, i went into my dads car where the carpet part dried the bottom “impure part” up but then i went out and walked again, spreading the impurity around my house also. What should I do now?


Salamun Alaykum

Brother that is your waswas. Rainwater is one of the Mutahharat which means it can make najis things Paak. If  the rainwater poured on your najis shoes in a way that all the najis place had become wet, it is considered Paak

Don’t bother about your waswas as it seems your life has waswas at various places. When you overthink what falls in the category of waswas, don’t worry about it. But at the same time, gain knowledge to learn about the Mutahharat to make your life easier because if you don’t overcome your waswas, your life would get terrible.


Rain water according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ruling 35. If rain falls once on an impure object that does not contain an intrinsic impurity, the area that comes into contact with the rain becomes pure. However, if a person’s body or some clothing has become impure by urine, then based on obligatory precaution rain must fall on it twice for it to become pure. With carpets, clothing, and similar things, wringing out the rainwater is not necessary. Of course, a few drops of rainfall will not suffice; rather, it must be such that one can say it is raining.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider