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Scientific Knowledge In Islam



What is the importance of getting scientific knowledge in islam? What should be the intention behind seeking this knowledge?




Seeking knowledge is praiseworthy in Islam when it has a noble purpose.

Scientific knowledge, if acquired for the purpose of bringing comfort and
strength to our lives (medical progress, advancements in technology like
escalators and air condition, manipulation of different resources in order
to facilitate different aspects of our lives such as water, gas, ..) or to
explore the world around us in order to understand the Creator better
(like learning about the intricacies of how flies start their flight and
how they land) then it is praiseworthy.

Since Islam is a religion that covers all aspects of life and aims to
build a pure just society (as opposed to a secular one), it is necessary
for Muslims to learn the different sciences so that through the progress
in this field, the society at large can benefit and progress, both in
their comfort (so that they can have the opportunity to do good – action)
and their general knowledge (so that they can increase in their faith –

Therefore, Islam gives a lot of importance in seeking scientific
knowledge, which is used for a noble divine purpose.

Miqdad Rajabali