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My Daughter’s Behavior & Salaah


My teen (18yr old) is not listening at all and doesnt read salah

pls help


Salamun alaikum

Hope you are fine.

I want to tell u first of all, talk and interact with your daughter with unconditional love, trying to convince her to perform salaah.

Explain to her why salaah is important and how it gets us closer to our Loving Creator. Use the Quran and Ahadith to emphasize on importance of Salaah, with examples of the Prophet and Infallibles from his progeny who loved to be in communication with their Lord through Salaah.

Allah has blessed us in so many ways, which you can keep mentioning to her, which calls for appreciation and gratitude towards Him. If He loves us so much more than our mothers, then how about considering what Allah wants from us. Use the approach of suggestions.

You need to win over her trust in you. Then she will gradually be able to relate and listen to you.

If she has good friends or relatives they can talk about the importance of salah. they might have more influence over her, so let them engage positively with her, while encouraging her towards righteous actions.

You can arrange for her a good religious teacher who would help her to perform salah, Tell her importance of salah and to help her wherever she needs or wants clarification with regards to the matters that bother her.

As she hears about the Prophet and the Infallibles, she would develop love for them which would help her to follow their commandments.

Please do Dua for her and have tavassul from aimma.

Inshallah she will listen to you and perform salah .

Iltemase Dua. May Allah protect you & your family.

Sayyeda Tauqeer Fatema Abidi