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Importance of oath


Assalam o alikum . I am a student , we are will be taking onlime exams the exam policy demands that we have to take an oath before attempting the paper , we just have to click on the oath only then the paper will appear . the oath states : ” I solemnly swear that I will attempt the paper by myself and will not take help from classmates, friends or any acquaintances” .

so is there any way through which I could avoid taking this oath or if i break the oath will it be gunah e azeem or gunah e kabira something like that ?or is there any kafara for that . plz answer soon

Jazak Allah



Salaamun Alaykum. Thank you for your question. It appears there is no way for you to proceed to the examination paper without agreeing to the oath. In this case, you should abide by it and intentionally breaking it would be tantamount to lying, which is a major sin. Not only that, you would have gained an unfair advantage over those who did not cheat and may have to seek pardon from each one person you have deceived.

Fi Amanillah.