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Imam Jamaat’s mistake in Salah


now a days we are saying prayers in home by jamat with family members. during zuhar prayer after second rakat imam sahib forget to sit for tashhad and he stood up completely before any one interrupt him. after third rakat he sits for tashhad and then after fifth rakat he made sajad e sehiv and completed the namaz. is it correct ? or guide us for any correction. thanks.


Waalykum Salam

Thank you for your question

kindly refer to the link below:

and also specifically the following to understand the duty of the Mamum:

Ruling 1458. If the imam mistakenly performs qunūt in a rakʿah that does not have qunūt, or if he mistakenly starts saying tashahhud in a rakʿah that does not have tashahhud, then the follower must not perform qunūt or say tashahhud. However, he cannot go into rukūʿ before the imam or stand up before the imam; rather, he must wait until the qunūt and tashahhud of the imam finishes and then complete the rest of the prayer with him.

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Also, it is permissible for a follower to say the first words of tashahud to alert the imam of his mistake.

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