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Assalam alaykum,

With due respect, we get to hear now and then from the pulpits that Imam Hussein a.s while doing jihad heard the call of ”Yaa ayyuhal nafsul mutmainnah…..(sura fajr v. 27-30) and so he put his sword in its sheath and stopped his jihad and yelled to the enemies to kill him nauzubillah and they all started attacking Imam as he stood there defenseless.

Isnt this an insult to both the loving creator and his beloved? Why is this so much repeated from the pulpits despite its inauthenticity?

please clarify .


There are numerous books on the tragedy of Karbala that cover minor and major incidents that happened before, after and on the actual Day of ‘Ashura. Most of the renown resources such as Kitab al-Irshad, al-Luhuf, Maqtal Abi Mikhnaf, Mawsu‘at Karbala and al-Sahih min Maqtal Sayyidu al-Shuhada that we referred to, do not mention that there was a voice from the heaven saying: O Soul at peace! Return to your Lord, Well pleased, well pleasing, And enter among My worshippers, And enter My Garden (Q 89: 27 –30) at a time when the Imam (a) was preoccupied fighting the enemy on the
Day of ‘Ashura.

However, in a book Chehal Majalis by ‘Ziya’ Jamnagari (p. 167, published in Karachi, n. d.) it says that when the Imam was busy fighting, he heard the above verses being recited from an unknown place at the time of ‘Asr. Consequently, Imam Husayn (a) stopped fighting and kept his sword a side. He did not stop enemy’s attacks nor did he attack them; he was simply waiting for an appointed time. The book does not include list of references used for the work.

When referring to encyclopedic programs on the collection of Quran Tafaseer and Books of Hadiths published by Noor Software in Qum, we found several references which indicate that Imam Husayn (a) is the confirmation (misdaq) of nafsul mutma’innah in Sūratul Fajr (Tafsīr al-Qummī, v. 2, p. 466 & Tafsīr al-Burhan, v. 5, p. 756).

It is difficult to say that mentioning of the above event is a disgrace or insult to the Holy Imam (a). Allah (swt) knows the best.


Hasanayn Kassamali

Academy for Learning Islam