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Imam Ali photo on social media


Aslam o alaykum dear Alim

I do not know how to put it but I find it quite odd to see the photos/sketch of our beloved Imam Ali (as) on facebook and Instagram, we know about the whereabouts of His holy appearance however I strongly believe that we as normal human beings cannot make sketch of a prominent personality whose face is like “noor” and we can never be able to justify the beauty of our Imam Ali (as)’s noorani face and I have this strong feeling that He is way too beautiful than our limited human brain can evn think of or our hands can justify that noor on His holy face, I am a Shia and I have seen my Shia brothers and sisters uploading those sketches , I wanted to ask an Alim first before I tell them anything about this. Please guide me whether whatever I am thinking or feeling inside is correct or not ??

May Allah reward you for this !!

Aslam o alaykum ❤️


Salam Alaykum Va Rahmatullah

Making sketches of 14 Masomin is not good according to our Maraje but it is not Haram. Even though I must say our Imams has the both worldly and heavenly aspects. We must not forget they are human beings and they have bodies and faces like us. Making a mental image of them which is not correct does not help or even harmful to our Iman. On the other side we should keep in our mind Allah gave them such high places we cannot even imagine! These two sides help us to understand everybody is able to follow them and seek getting close to them but also we should know our place and be obedient and humble toward their order.

Most people make the images out of good heart and they want to remember them. You can appreciate this feeling and help them to improve their love toward Imams but if you have the chance you can direct this love to better ways such as reading about them or reminding their Ahadith.

I am really happy to know people like you want to improve their Iman and love for Ahlul Beyte through better ways. May Allah give you the Towfiq more than before.

Best regards!
Sayid Madani.