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I’m a teenager how do I solve masturbation issue?



I am a teenager boy. I am very vulnerable to sins like watching pornography and masturbating. I’m almost sure that I will fall prey to the above mentioned sins if I don’t marry.
I have already slipped a few times and watched inappropriate content.

1.Is marriage wajib on me ?

2.If it is wajib on me, how do I ask my parents? I’m still in school.

3.Due to the pandemic, if marriage is not possible, what can I do?

4. If a girl from Ahle Kitab is willing to marry me temporarily, can I marry her without me or her asking our parents?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

A similar Question has bees asked in the past and I will ask you to go through the profound answer provided using the following link:

Addicted to Pornography And Masturbating

as for Qn no.3, you must keep busy and avoid isolation. Releasing energy can immensely help you. Hence, some exercise/strength training and or a new skill or hobby  that helps you release energy can help.

and for no.4. Im not sure how I can advice on this. Marriage is a huge responsibility. I will suggest you discuss this with your local scholar who will be able to help out it with more details provided by your self.

hope this was useful