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Illegal Stay in a Foreign Country for Years.


This is a very unclear situation. Let’s take an example,if I am a staying illegally in a foreign country and made my domicile there for many years,are my prayers or any act of worship valid? Eg.namaaz,roza,zakat,lawaajam,khums,

As it says that the land should not be ghasbi where you pray.
Staying illegally in a foreign country means my visitor visa was expired and I did not return back to my country where I came from.And that is against the law of that foreign country.

Salaams and duas


Staying illegally in a foreign country is not something which could be appreciated. It is condemn by many Maraje. But prayers in that land is valid because a person staying illegally in a country is not considered as an usurper. In general understanding, no one considers such a person as an usurper although he is condemned for his violation of the country law.

In law, we have such examples where for a particular things there are two titles and according to one title the act is valid and as per the second title the act is invalid. For instance: Performing wudu in a house on which Khums has not been paid is valid. The house is liable to Khums but the wudu is valid.

If Salat al Juma is wajib on Friday, one should refrain from business and transactions during call for salat. But if someone violates this rule, he has committed a sin but the transaction is considered to be ok  and halal.

Kumail Rajani