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If there were two Gods


Aslamu alaikum quran says if there were more gods besides Allah there would have been problem between them my question is what if they both are all powerfull jazakAllah


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question

Yes the Quran says, if there were gods other than Allah then yes the world or the entire existence would have had a lot of issue that it wouldn’t have survived at all.

Some may ask as to, what if they were so perfect And al-powerful that they had no problem with one another at all and govern the world together?

1- if they are both perfect, then what is it that one has that the other doesn’t have to make them two in the first place? In such a thought, one god has something that the other doesn’t have while the other Also has something that the first one doesn’t. Hence, each one has some sort of deficit in itself and that brings them from the point of being all perfect and all powerful.
Also, if there are two gods, and each one has its own perfection, then there must be “The one“ who is superior to both of these to be able to give a Particular perfection To one and grant the other perfection To the second one. In that case both of these gods will fall from the status of being all powerful and all perfect.

2- and if they are completely the same, that is, not even a littlest different in them, then, Why are they 2 in the first place!?

In short, no.1&2 will need you to sit and think on them very deeply.

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery