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If the Earth is not flat then what of Bayt al Mahmur?


Asalamalaikum, according to the Quran the Earth is flat right? If the Bayt al Mamur is directly above the Ka’aba is it spinning too? I dont think so

All the Ayaat concerning Earth, not one mentions movement or spinning – What is the opinion of our Eseemed Ulema?
Further is there any authentic Ahadith from the Aimma (as) concerning this topic.

Even the Sun and Moon are mentioned with movement but not the Earth spread out.

Please answer in full.



Wa alaikum al-salam

IN general every time that Allah s.w.t talks about earth in Quran, the words that are used are not directly speak of flatten earth (in some of ayat it say like ” He who has spread out the earth” 3:13; “He who made the earth a place of repose for you”2:22 etc.)
also Allah talks about movement of earth for example “You see the mountains, which you suppose, to be stationary, while they drift like passing clouds” 27:88. some of ayat that scholars used for Earth’s rotation and orbit are: 77:25; 91:6; 27:88 etc.
in nahj al-balagha in first sermon you can find imam Ali a.s explanation on creation of earth and his implicit mention about earth’s movement.
also there is no problem if the earth and bayt al mamur has the same orbital movement.

M. Mosseibi.