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Love Marriage



My question is based on love. If, marriages in Islam are based on fate, then why do we create so strong feelings for an opposite gender person.

Also, if they are not meant for you in future, why the feelings don’t fade away, even if two person doesn’t talk to each other for long.

Please reply. I’m really hoping to get a detail response regarding the above scenario.

Thank you,



Alaykum Salaam

The Islamic view is that God dispenses His allocations (rizq) to human
beings based on their receptivity and need, and He governs their lives
based on His All-embracing knowledge; and what issues from Him is only
goodness. This then can be met with gratitude or ungratefulness by the

As far as feelings of love for the opposite gender, these are part of the
human response and may be worthy or futile.  God clearly states that that
we may love something that is detrimental to us and vice versa.

When this is understood, the futility of living in the past becomes clear
and we are able to move on and deal with what God has provided for
knowing that if there was something better for us, He would have given us
that instead.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer