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If in doubt about food being Najis?


I have many Hindu neighbours. Sometimes they call me for assistance and I have to go. Whilst there they offer me tea, water or juice. If I don’t accept they are of course offended. Taking into consideration that we don’t have domestic servants here in Europe, am I allowed to think that they must have washed the glass with their own hands, does the sharia allow me to reject or I can have the drink?


The criterion is certainty. Meaning that if you are certain (100%) that a particular thing is Najis, then only it is Najis. So it would depend upon your knowledge of it being Najis or not. You have the option of the benefit of doubt. Discretion and ihtiyat is always the middle path. This is based on the fatwa of Ayatullah Sistani seeing Mushrik as Najis.

Kumail Rajani