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If I marry against my parents wish will this be counted as disobidience? Will I be deprived of Heaven?….


Asslamu alaikum sir.
How are you?i hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah Subhani tawalah.
I want to ask you about a very sensitive matter.Sorry for irritating you again and again.but i have no option sir.i can’t take decision.
Sir,i was obident to my parents. I do everything according to their decision till now.even, i choose medical science only for them.but now a days,i want to marry a girl,whose father is no more and sh e is divorce’. My parents oppose me and tell me not to marry her.they tell me it is a sin.but i want to marry her.she is also a doctor and her mother gives her opinion and it is positive.
Sir,if i marry her,is it loyal,ethical and legal in the eyes of islam?and doing this may i count to Allah as a disobident son?if i count so,is there any hope to get Jannat ( haven) after a long time?
Moreover,i try to convince my parents again and again.even,she( that girl) tries a lot and she loves my parents a lot. But my parents refuse her again and again and beginning to make misbehave with parents are not to keen to give me marry with her and also other girls.i said and explain them my physical need.but they said…you need not to marry and you should not Marry till our death.
So,i take a strong dccission to marry her.if i do it may i have any scope to get jannah?
I do all for their happiness but i just want to marry in my choice.they dont want to do it…it makes me frustrated and tensed.
Sir,is there any hope to get my jannat after marry the girl without the decision of my parents.if there is a little hope to get jannah after marry her i will do it as soon as possible.
Sir,i have another question,if i tell my wife and daughter to take hijab but they dont want to do it.i try mybest to make confirm there hijab.then,i will be treated as Dayus?
And dayus can get jannah after a long time?
Thanks for your patience reading.
I am eagerly waiting for your reply sir


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.
Kindly refer to the link below for your answers:

Parents’ Happiness/Consent in Marriage

Fathers permission necessary for son

I find it wise to mention that, any act that will cause parents unhappiness to the extent that it is said that they are unhapppy with you.. should be avoided.

If you feel this marriage really holds the important and benefit in your Life, then I will suggest you speak to a scholar or an influential person, to speak to your parents and get their consent for the marriage. (It is not obligatory per say, but their Happiness for Allah really matters).

Best wishes,