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Is the Nikah Valid?


Asalam alekum

I wanna know about my nikah if it still valid because I’m separated with my husband around a year now and his father and uncle pays some money towards my rent around few months now on month to month base but I’m not sexually active with my husband since last year he even didn’t try to change himself and on other hand his family asked me to give him another chance but he himself never given me respect nor financially or Amentally supported me he was doing adultery and abused me each time since 2 years he was hitting me never cared about me nor my kids I have 2 kids with my husband unfortunately he didn’t care about anyone of us and also using hard drugs he is on ice myth I’m so confused what to do can you please suggest me thanks


Waalaykum Salam.

Yes your Nikah is still in place. But if you wish to be separated, then you may ask him to divorce you, if he disagrees then you can approach your local Aalim for further guidance. They should be able to obtain you a divorce through Islamic procedures. Also, since he is obliged to pay your living, he must continue to do so apart from reimbursing you with the past one years expenses you incurred yourself.

Kind regards