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Iddah period for divorce


If a girl got married she live with her husband 3 months but due to some issues her husband don’t have sexual relationship with her. And after 3 months he give divorce to her. What I wana ask is it is important for that girl to spend idat period to wait for next nikkah. If she is not touched by her ex husband who give divorce then can she marry some body else at once or she need to wait for idat period


Answer: Thank you for your Question

Kindly refer –  Divorce » Iddah of Divorce – Islamic Laws – The Official Website of the Office of His Eminence Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Husseini Al-Sistani for detailed understanding. Refer page iddah period for divorce Rulings 2519-2520.

2520. If a wife who has completed nine years of her age and is not in menopause, is divorced by her husband after sexual intercourse, it is necessary for her to observe the waiting period of divorce. The waiting period of a free woman is that after her husband divorces her during her Pak period, she should wait till she sees Haidh twice and becomes Pak. Thereafter, as soon as she sees Haidh for the third time, her waiting period will be over and she can marry again. If, however, a husband divorces his wife before having sexual intercourse with her, there is no waiting period for her and she can marry another man immediately after being divorced, except if she finds traces of her husband’s semen in her private part, then she should observe Iddah.


2519. A wife who is under nine and who is in her menopause will not be required to observe any waiting period. It means that, even if the husband has had sexual intercourse with her, she can remarry immediately after being divorced.

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