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I want to marry


Assalmualikum..I am 18 years studying in class 12th.I want to marry because it is very hard for me to control my sexual desires.I used to masterbate to satisfy my hunger but when I came to that this is SIN ,I repented and make a firm taubah and started praying 5 times a day and also started reading and memorizing The Holy Quran. As I am the younger son of my parents, I am unable to talk with my parents on this issue(marriage). So, I will be thankful to you if you suggest me something so that I may control my sexual desire or my parents may think themselves on this serious issue. Wassalam



Assalamu Alaykum


your efforts are praise worthy. Allah keep you steadfast and strong. in such times Quran is the best Companion.


for your personal issue please visit this link:


Masturbation in Islam


however for further assistance speak to a person (an Adult), say a Scholar, and ask him to play as a middle man between you and your parents. This can really help solve your problem.

kind regards

Sayyid Shabbar