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I want to marry but my Parents are not taking me serious


I am 26 years old, well settled guy with a job. I want to marry and have been telling my parents to get me marry and search for a good girl. But they are not taking me serious since 3 years. I m doing sins day by day. All type of sins and that are all because of they are not getting me marry. Please tell in detail what can i do. ForGod sake i m a human i cant control myself in this world, please help me what my Allah says about this. Are all sins will be on my parents? I have been telling them that all sins will be on your part. I really tried to control myself but i can not just because of them? What can i do now? ForGod sake help me.


Salaamun alaykum
I can understand how difficult it must be for you.
I understamd maybe you are trying not to aginst your parents wishes and want them to choose a girl for you.
But in your case where you cannot control yourself anymore and are falling into sins, it is a must and wajib for you to get married.
So it would be nice to ask  an elder from your relatives or friends whom your parents would be ready to listen and talk to about this matter.
If this doesnt work you could just politely give your parent some sort of warning.
And if that doesnt work then you will have to take a step yourself. You could ask an aalim to help you in this matter.

And most of all pray to Allah all the time. Sometimes when we are patient because of Him, He opens doors from places we least imagined.
Try and recite Namaz e shab regularly. Many closed doors open through reciting namaz shab.
May Allah guide us all and keep us steadfast onHis path.



Zahra Davdani