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I like a guy.


Salam sir… a 19 years old girl..i recently did my fsc and going to start my medical studies this month insha’Allah…i know a guy since my childhood but we never talked…now he approached me and told me that he likes me….i had never been in any sort of relationship either emotional or physical and im afraid os these things…my parents are really sweet but obv they won’t allow me for this.. this person is really well behaved gentleman and never said anything out of manners with me…he belongs to shia caste bukhari… He said that he wants to meet me anywhere where im comfortable and he justs wamts to share his feelings about me.. i think I’ve started to like him as well.. although i know this is wrong and he is namahram for me..but he never intended anything wrong…he is a captain in army..and i want to marry him. Is it right for me to think of him in this way? And can i meet him just once with a friend or someone else in order to proceed things officially…and im not even sure if our parents will be agreed for this because i belong to a sunni family. Kindly advice me in this regard as im too blank . JazakAllah ul khair!


Wa alaykum salam

According to Islam, the main criteria for a valid marriage is that both should be Muslims. And it is permissible to meet and speak to each other before making any commitment. But I wonder why it has to be outside while he can approach your family with a decent proposal and officially meet you there!?

But before taking any step, we would advice both of you to think about a very important issue.
Is one of you ready to sacrifice his/her beliefs for the sake of the other?
Because a successful marriage occurs when two people walk together hand in hand to accomplish big goals. And there is no doubt that the role of belief/religion in this place is very important.
At the moment, due to the Intensity oF your feelings for one another, it may seem so doable, but in reality, it is something difficult.
We would advice you to Seek some extra help and make a wise decision. An Alims input will be invaluable.
Good luck
AAA team under the guidance of S.Taqavi
Naajiya Jaffery