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I want to marry a girl, I love but she does not accept me, is there any dua /wazifa to get her?


Assalamu aalikum

How do I marry girl I love,  is there any dua or prayer to get her, I love her but she des not accept my love, What should I do that she accepts my love, How do I convince her,  is there any dua or wazifa ?


Wa alaykum Salam

Thank you for your question.

Apart from love and attraction, compatibility is also important in marriage.

I know that you love the girl but in order to have a successful marriage, you should make sure that she is also suitable for you.

Allah has told us to put an effort, practice, make dua, and leave the rest to Him.

Sometimes, despite all the duas if things don’t happen according to our wishes, it is because there is no good for us in it. And only Allah knows what is good for us.

There are many  A’amal mentioned in the Islamic traditions for acceptance of duas, like dua of tawassul, ziarat Ashura, doing istighfar, the prayer of Jafare Tayyar etc

Namaze shab which is prayed after midnight is the solution to many problems. It gives us the opportunity to talk to our Lord in privacy when everyone else is asleep.

May Allah give you what is best for you.

Sukaina Taqavi