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I want to marry a girl, but want to match stars….


I wanna marry a girl ,We are in relationship since two years . I want to  match stars because girl’s parents beleive in stars.


Salamun Alaykum
thank you for your question. 

If it had been a relationship without marriage, then it is considered Haram relationship all this time.

There is no value of stars or horoscope for marriage as it may bring problems later on. If a person thinks horoscope and stars to be independent in the things happening around, it is considered as Shirk.

When Amir al-mu’minin decided to set out for the battle with the Kharijites someone said, “If you set out at this moment then according to astrology I fear you will not be successful in your aim,” whereupon Amir al-mu’minin said:

Do you think you can tell the time when a man goes out and no evil befall him or can warn of the time at which if one goes out harm will accrue? Whoever testifies to this falsifies the Qur’an and becomes unmindful of Allah in achieving his desired objective and in warding off the undesirable. You cherish saying this so that he who acts on what you say should praise you rather than Allah because according to your misconception you have guided him about the hour in which he would secure benefit and avoid harm.

O People! Beware of learning the science of stars except that with which guidance is sought on land or sea, because it leads to divining and an astrologer is a diviner, while the diviner is like the sorcerer, the sorcerer is like the unbeliever and the unbeliever would be in Hell. Get forward in the name of Allah.

Sermon 79: Do you think you can tell:

Question: Fortune tellers and palmists claim to foretell a person’s future. Is it permissible for the palmist to do so, if the customer is going to plan [his life] according to his predictions?

Answer: Since the information given by the palmist has no value, it is, therefore, not permissible for him to give information with certainty, just as it is not permissible for the customer to plan according to it, except on legal or reasonable grounds.

In the same way, it is mentioned above regarding the palmists claiming to foretell and one cannot act upon it with certainty, one can also not act upon astrology with certainty thinking the stars to be independent in things happening in this world. But if you don’t take it with certainty then there is no problem in it.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider