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I want to know about Iddat. My husband has passed away a month ago.


I want to know about Iddat . My husband passed away a month ago . I have four sons. One of them is in jail. Second is living abroad . The rest of two sons literally don’t care and listen to me and dis obey me. They always abuse and don’t listen my single word. A lot of domestic issues are pending because I am inside home and can’t go out. Now situation is getting worse because my sons are nafarmaan . I won’t be able to complete iddat period because it is creating so many problems for me and for my daughters. Please help me out what should I do. I am in great trouble.


Salamun Alaykum

I am sorry to hear about your husbands demise. Alhamdulillah you are fulfilling your duty by performing the Iddah of death(4months and 10 days)

Going out is not Haram for a woman during Iddah, this is a concept in some of the countries but according to Mujtahideen it is not forbidden in itself.

Ruling 2536. It is unlawful (Harām) for a woman who is observing the iddah of a widow to wear clothes that are an adornment (zīnah), or to apply kohl, or to do something else that would be considered an adornment. However, leaving the house is not unlawful for her.

Therefore, you can wear simple clothes or even black clothes and without applying the makeup and…you can go and handle the court etc affairs outside house.

May Allah(swt) give you sabr for being in this stage along with sons being disobedient to you but indeed Allah(swt) loves the one who fulfills his/her duty.


Syed Haider