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I want to do Tauba on your hand


Asslam-o-Alaikum! This is something I have never told anyone about. If any Aalim is reading my question, I just want to hereby do Tauba on your hand from Zina, that I have done many times. I break my Tauba each time and after doing it I repent again and again. There is no stopping to this sin for me. Please pray for your sinful Muslim brother, who don’t want to go in this filth anymore. Please pray Allah save me from this sin.


Waalykum salam 

I’m in receipt of you email and I’m immensely praying for you. 
A real Tauba is the one that one never goes back to the same Gunah (sin) again. And Allah loves those who do Taubah! 
Your best solution will be to get married and InshaAllah live A happy life with your spouse InshaAllah 
Best wishes, 

Naajiya Jaffery