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I want to divorce my wife as I have no authority over her.


My wife since a few months has started to chat on what up with a strange person, who gives her Religious and Islamic rules about marriage .She speaks to him daily. She started to refuse my suggestion and she says that she answers only to ALLAH for everything . She pray and recites Quran for the whole day morning and night . She refuses to use medicine /doctors advice for our child’s vaccinations. I think to divorce her or advice her family because l dont have any authority on her .
Kindly guide.
Thank you for help.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

While Divorce is an option in islamic laws. However, it isn’t favored as such and it the last solution to problems that no longer have one.
Therefore, I will suggest:

1- Speak to her and explain real Islam to her. Islam is not that you’re just answerable to Allah (az). Rather husband and wife have rights over each other. You may also want her to read profoundly about rights of each (you can start with simple writing of imam Sajjad (as) on this link:

2- Introduce her to other Aalims. At times, we can get engrossed in a single persons guidance/thought process. All we need to do Is to offer a substitute and see the difference and widen the thinking horizon.

3- You may want an influential person so speak to her. Someone who she would listen to and try and help your issues.

4- Be loving towards her. In such situations all she is looking for Is comfort. She is probably finding that in the talks the person is giving her. Hence, try and be that comfort she is looking for.

InshaAllah things settle down and you’re able to enjoy your life together.