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I want to ask which stone can I wear?


My name is Faizan born on 13 july 1998 i want to ask which stone i should wear on which hand finger… I shall be very much thankfull. Im waiting for your response


Wa Alaykum al-Salam Brother Faizan

Thank you for your question.

In regards to this, in the light of narrations that we have received, “Aqiq Yemany, Firoza, Dur al-Najaf… are from among the stones recommended with a lot of material and spiritual benefits and they should be on silver (for men.) and to be put on right hand fingers and as per narration is considered to be sign of a “Mu’min”.

وَ قَالَ الْحَسَنُ الْعَسْكَرِيُّ ع عَلَامَاتُ الْمُؤْمِنِ خَمْسٌ صَلَاةُ إِحْدَى وَ الْخَمْسِينَ وَ زِيَارَةُ الْأَرْبَعِينَ وَ التَّخَتُّمُ بِالْيَمِينِ وَ تَعْفِيرُ الْجَبِينِ وَ الْجَهْرُ بِ بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ.

meaning:  “Five signs of the believer are: To perform 51 Rak’ats of Salaah  (per day/in 24 hours; including Wajib as well as Mustahab Salaats), Ziarat Arbaeen, wearing a ring on the right hand, placing forehead (to prostrate) on the (natural) soil, and say “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim, loudly in Salaah”

This is what I can answer in this situation, for if you want more of specialized opinion I will suggest you get in contact with professionals in this area.

Iltimae Dua