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I try to do niqab,to maintain my parda. But somehow my family members don’t like it


I hope you’ve good idea about it.

I try to do niqab,to maintain my parda. But somehow my family members don’t allow it home. I mean they don’t allow me to cover face in front of my cousin in home..and they don’t like it in outside too.But I do it forcefully…

My question is like today a son of my parental uncle knocked at door.
My mother didn’t concern me as she’s not dedicated in such issue of parda.
Without having sense I was peeping from my room without hijab, to see who has come.
And my question is
If ALLAH wants me to hijab..
Then why He puts me in such shameful situation????


Salamun Alaikum

Thank you for your question.

There are two possible answers for this happened: either God wanted you to be without hijab which is not possible because it is against Sharia. So this option is impossible. Or the other answer is that it is a coincidence and doesn’t affect your journey of perfection and virtue and you have not committed a sin as it was not in your hands.

All coincidences that occur have reasons and philosophies which we might not always understand or not understand immediately. If it is possible to understand their reasons with our intellect and with the help of contexts and circumstances, well and good. If not, a believer puts his/her trust in God and trusts whatever happened, happened for a reason.

However, if it is a question of your commitment and responsibility to God and religion, you have not done anything wrong.

Hope that helps with your query.

A. Rashed