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I think too much of preaching would only drive people away from our religion.


I am a born muslim Alhamdulillah. The current pandemic has had an impact on all of our lives. So much so that many people are starting to worship more and more or at least what I have seen. But my problem is with the behaviour of some people who are constantly messaging Islamic videos or reminders, to the extent that it looks like spamming. Getting continuous islamic messages in all the messaging groups is really disturbing. I care about my religion amd I think such action would only drive people away from our religion. What is your humble take on that matter. ?


Alaykum Al-Salam

Being concerned about preaching good messages and islamic materials is kind of enjoining good and forbidding the evil (امر به معروف و النهی عن المنکر) but we must understand others. all people are not at the same level and we must not disturb them. Imam Sadiq(A.S) said iman has 10 level and those who are in higher level must not burden their duties and Mostahabat to lower levels.
Best regards!

Sheikh Madani.