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I suffer through problems of people disrespecting me.


Asalamualaikum dear brother

I am facing a crisis for the past 2-3 years, I have lived in toronto for 2-3 years and 2015 or 2014 , can’t remember problems started to happen to me, first my family was very rude, then when that went away, now I suffer through problems of people disrespecting me, and I used to think it was because of my clothes because I was not someone who used to dress trendy and wore anything and lose clothes. But when I bought trendy clothes, the problem went down, but it hasn’t gone away completely, I am afraid of going out because people sometimes speak weirdly or rudely or loudly, and I am getting very tired of it. Alhumdulillah it’s not as bad as it was before but I don’t know whether this experience is normal. I remember two times when I said I will leave Islam, this problem immediately went away, except for the third time when it went away but came back, what is going on? I have tried ruqya but they say I don’t have anything, what do you think sir?


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

Different factors have to be seen in one’s life to point out the exact problem. By crisis if you meant the way people deal with you, you should remember that you are living in a non-Muslim country and if non-Muslims are making fun of you being a Muslim that doesn’t mean you leave Islam and you will be at ease. If you think, leaving Islam will change your life that is just a thought.

You have the find out the cause and the reason why your family treated rudely and why people disrespected you. Is it because you were a practical Muslim or something else? If the reason was to be a practical Muslim, then you should not worry, as far as you are fulfilling your Islamic duties. But if it was due to your behaviour that people don’t like the way you treat others then you have to look into the behaviour and change. Changing clothes is the apparent thing in life, but changing the character is the main thing with which you can change other people as well.

I don’t know what was the reason of your thought to leave Islam as it is not mentioned but if it was due to being a practical Muslim then I have explained above that you must act upon the Islamic duties and not worry about others.

Sometimes the behaviour of the non-Muslims towards Muslims is not good as some would try to irritate or disturb Muslims but this doesn’t at all mean that we leave Islam so we can live a happy life.

Get duas from your parents where ever they live. Parents Duas can change one’s life so never neglect them, always respect them and ask to pray for your success.

Hence, you have to look into the main cause, sometimes it is difficult to answer unless we know all the different scenarios of one’s life but if you find the cause and remove that cause, things will definitely change.

Try to do the following regularly

  1. Recite Namaz five times a day on awwale waqt;
  2. Recite Quran every day;

Recite Ayatul Kursi every day

  1. Recite Istighfar and Salawat Tasbeeh every day as much as possible.
  2. Start reciting Duas and Munajat from Mafatih-ul-Jinan. (
  3. Remove despair and hopelessness and perform wajibat and refrain from Haram to become a better Momin.

Perform the above things and don’t worry what the non-Muslims tell you and I hope your life will change. But remember leaving Islam will not make your Hereafter easier, even if it makes your life easier but you will have problems in the Hereafter.

If required, you can write back to us mentioning the details so I can try to help in a better way.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider