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I stepped on Dogs saliva…


Hello.. I asked questions about dogs sliva if i stepped on it.. And then walked inside a place like a wedding place and i touch the bottom of the shoe on which i also stepped on the sliva.. Do i need to samak the bottom of the shoe.. Abs what if i didn’t wash my hand…


Salam alaykum,

Thank you for your question. According to Shiah jurisprudents, like Ayatullah al-Udhmah Sistani, the earth makes the sole of one’s feet and shoes purified provided that 4 conditions are fulfilled:
1. The earth should be pure.
2. The earth should be dry.
3. By way of obligatory precaution the impurity should have stuck from the earth.
4. The actual impurity should be removed by walking on the earth or rubbing one’s foot or shoe on it. Also, the earth should be dust or sand or consisting of stones or laid with bricks.

You may purify your shoes from the aforementioned impurity in this way. As far as your hands you may wash them with pure water, the conditions of which have been mentioned in the Risalah Amaliyyah or Ayatullah Sistani’s website. Thank you again for your question.

Shiraz Agha