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I like to attend majlis, but my parents don


،السلام علیکم
Hope this question finds you in good health. My question is about attending Majalis. My family is predominantly Sunni/Wahabi. While I have always been inclined towards learning about the Ahl al Bayt, this year I’ve wanted to start attending Majalis. My parents, however, have told me not to. I am wondering if I should go without informing them and/or their permission.
Would that be alright?
مع السلام


Wa Alaykum al-Salam Brother

Thank you for your question.

Attending of majlis of Aba Abdillah(s) is one of the great “qurubat” and this worship has to be practiced in normal situation and there is a lot of material and spiritual benefits for this holy act. May Allah(az) help us all in keeping this great worship alive and benefit from it.

Family, is a vague term. The ones to be given importance and according to shariah i.e. jurisprudence perspective, and have right to be obeyed and followed; are walidain i.e. parents. (2:83, 17:23, 4:36 in the light of these verses of Qur’an.)

In the situation that you are in, and in these times where there are many other options to get connected to these majalis,  (and also having experienced the pandemic) we have online options as well. I will suggest this, in order to avoid unnecessary tension, especially when it comes to your parent’s happiness and also your safety.

On the hind side, under no circumstance should one lie, and attending majalis without your parents consent will entail telling them.

I hope this is useful.