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doubt about purity


My hand was najes and i was holding my phone with my najes hand then I realise that my phone is najes and then I went to rinse my phone and after that I realise that the dirty water must have went inside the phone speakers and know my whole phone is najes and now am scared to bring Quran or surah in my phone because I normally bring Quran or surah in my phone I don’t now what to do show I wash my phone again or remove this phone?


Assalamu Alyakum

Thank you for your Question

If your Najis hand was dry when you touched your phone then the Najasah is not transmitted at all and your phone is Paak. But if your hand was wet, then yes the phone was Najis. however, this Najasah was washed away when you washed your phone. when you were washing your phone, you must have held in such a way that the water directly goes down towards the drainage. hence, the Najsah has been washed away inshaAllah.

you have tried your best, inshaAllah Allah (az) knows best. let this not bother you. please pray your Quran as usual.