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I have found many lims/Hafiz/imams who sometimes do not use Maad, gunnah correctly.


There are few writings by Alims saying your salat is void if your recitation is not correct. I asked about this to an alim and he said salat is invalid if Suratul Fatiha is incorrectly recited. I have found many Alims/Hafiz/imams who sometimes do not use Mad, gunnah correctly.

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Al-Salam Alaykum

In Salat, it is not Wajib to observe all the Tajvid (the knowledge of reciting Quran) ruling. It is only Wajib to recite the alphabet correctly. Maad and ghunnah are the ruling in Tajvid for better recitation of Quran and observing these rules make our recitation better; however they are not Wajib in Salat.

Ruling 983. One must correctly recite qirāʾah of the prayer. If someone cannot in any way recite the whole of Sūrat al-Ḥamd correctly, he must recite it in the way he can provided that the amount he recites correctly is significant. However, if that amount is insignificant, then based on obligatory precaution he must add to it an amount of the Qur’an that he can recite correctly. If he cannot do this, he must add to it tasbīḥ [i.e. saying ‘subḥānal lāh’]. However, if someone cannot recite the other surah correctly at all, it is not necessary for him to recite something else in its place. In all the above cases, the recommended precaution is that such a person should perform prayers in congregation.

Ruling 984. One who does not know Sūrat al-Ḥamd well must try to perform his duty, whether that be by learning it, or by inculcating it in himself, or by following in congregational prayers, or by repeating the prayer whenever he doubts the correctness of his recitation. If time is short and he performs the prayer as stated in the previous ruling, his prayer is valid. However, if he has been negligent in learning and if it is possible, he must, in order to escape punishment, perform his prayers in congregation.

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AAA under the guidance of Sayyid Madani