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I have fall in love with a girl at university


I have fall in love with a girl at university she is very religious.I gave her marriage proposal if she agree i will send my parents to her father. She rejected me.I tried again and again she rejected me.  Can i try again? If not how will i forget her. I am trying to forget her but i failed every time because i saw her in university. What i will do???


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question
You have tried your best. The rest is in Allah’s hands InshaAllah. It’s best to avoid direct interaction with Na-Mahram. Allah (az) dislikes this act.
The best you can do is focus on your initial goal Of going to the university. This will retract you on the main track again InshaAllah. In the meantime, you must Pray for yourself. Pray Allah blesses you with a lovely wife who will understand the worth of the love you have in you and together you can move towards perfection InshaAllah.
Good luck