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I have decided to take divorce from my husband due to his bad akhlaq.


Assalamualaikum…My question is regarding my issues with my husband and inlaws , Actually I am at My Mother home since 2 month because of  some issues with my husband akhlaaq. Since  two month I tried alot to solve it solely..But now situation is that My Father called my husband and requested to come home with your family and solve the issues with my daughter…but my husband refused the request and said that her issues is with me and my family..So better you people come and solve at his place…One thing he said to my father was that “It is not wajib for him or his family to visit your home to sort problems” and I have decide to take divorce from this kind of man …What shoud I do..please suggest and please let me know that whatever my husband spoke about  it being wajib..was he right or wrong?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

Divorce is definitely a solution in Islamic laws. However, it is the last solution and that too, is a solution that Allah (az) least likes.

Therefore, before you make such serious decision, kindly consider all other options.

While this case has nothing to do with  _Sharii_  haram and Halal. No one can certainly tell what and who  is right or wrong.

You certainly need to solve the issue with your husband. To reduce the tension between two families you can ask an elderly to play an intermediate between two families. And you can agree to meet somewhere other than your houses InshaAllah.

Hopefully all goes well and you’re able to make the best decision.

Kind regards,