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I have a lot of qada namaz to fulfill.


as-salamu alaikum
i have a lot of qada namaz to fulfill.

Currently zohr&asr time is from 12:20-18:00 (sunset) roughly.

Am i allowed to pray zohr and asr together at 12:20 as normal, then pray zohr and asr qada namaz repeatedly, OR do i have to do zohr namaz plus qada namaz, then asr namaz plus qada asr namaz?

Basically are zohr qada namaz’s allowed to be prayed after that day’s asr namaz? If not, what time am I allowed to pray zohr and zohr qada namazs until before i have to move onto asr and asr qada namaz, as my mosque site only shows the time for zohr&asr namaz as one time?

jazakullah khair


Salaamun Alaykum

You may pray your Qadha Salaat at any time of the day i.e. there is no restriction regarding the time zone it’s prayed in.

However what is important to note is the following – someone who has a large number of qadha Salaat to pray, in such a scenario, they must recite their salaat in a way that the order of what is normally followed in a typical day is fulfilled.

E.g. The combination of Zuhr first, thereafter Asr…Maghrib first thereafter Isha.

May Allah SWT bless you and make you successful

Abu Jawaad