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I had Haram relation with a girl I want to marry, but she declined


Sir I am in unislamic relationship with a Muslim girl from past 7 know I am asking her for marriage which is need of an hour because my mother is ill and I dont want continue committing this sin more .but sir she told me to wait for another 4 year she has her own complications. What should do known I really want make tobah for my past but situation is so confusing I really want a way out know plzz help me


Waalykum salam

I’m glad to learn that you know your mistake and the sin you were in.

to make tawba, one of the major conditions is to never go back to the sin you committed. Hence, you must try and stick to this.

since the girl has declined your marriage proposal, and if you fear of falling in sins without having a wife, then you must move on and find a decent spouse for yourself.

make sure you have repented over your  past sins – prior to your marriage-  so that you may as well looks for someone who is of a good character InshaAllah and also, that your past doesn’t shadow your bright clean future

InshaAllah all goes well
and your mother is in my special prayers InshaAllah.