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I had chocolate containing alcohol, unknowingly, will my prayers not be accepted for forty days…..



I am extremely worried. I have nobody here to talk about this. I work in the hotel industry. Here they celebrate Christmas on which I have got chocolates. I had only one which was filled with liquid chocolate. I loved the taste and wanted to buy it for myself. I googled it and came to know it is enriched with Champagne. I never consumed alcohol, and that was what I was really content about. but now I can’t explain my feelings. I tried to vomit and I hurt my throat. but still, I am depressed about what happened.
Please tell me if it is true that my prayers and I are haram for the next 40 days???? I haven’t eaten that on purpose knowing that it has alcohol.

I hope I will be forgiven!!!

My ALLAH is Rahim, but I still am embarrassed.

Pray for me, please.


Alaikum salam

1000 thanks to AL MIGHTY ALLAH for giving you this awareness of being vigilant towards abstaining from sins.


Almighty Allah knows our intention very well and you didn’t do it intentionally. So, don’t worry, inshallah your prayers won’t be affected by that aspect.

May Allah SWT grant us the power to stay on the right path till our last breath.


Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi