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I got married last year with my cousin who is 6 years younger than me.


Assalamoalaikum…..My name is Maria and I am 28 years old. I got married last year with my cousin who is 6 years younger than me.
When I was doing my Mbbs, one day he messaged me and indirectly confessed his feeling for me…I  used to be very angry because I always treated him as my younger brother. He was only 16 or 17 at that time and I took it as his immature act…after some days my mother told me that my Paternal aunt (phupo..his mother) is begging for rishta and after that on and off she used to discuss that topic with me….I got so emotional and angry with this dicussion every time…I always replied to My Mother that I cant even imagine that thing because of a huge age difference…Mental compatibility and difference in environment in which we are brought up (He belongs to a village and got selected in Airforce)
When I completed my degree my father came to me and asked the same question and I told  him as you wish…but even after that I was never ever happy…I feel so embarrased,hesitant and unpleased to talk about this matter. I got married last year i am still unable to accept this relation by heart and I know I can never be….
I am living in my parents house because his parents live in a village and he is still younger to be authorized with moq in airforce….he used to visit us every weekend….but I got never pleased on his arrival and never feel comfortable and happy with him or even get irritated….
He is as a person with a very nice nature but we have no understanding. I have no feelings for him….I am in so much stressed because I dont want to hurt anyone and get and baad dua from anyone but I am actually hurting alot of people….
I am in a constant state of torture….Kindly give me some good solution.



From what I can tell is that the age gap between you is bothering you.if it’s so, pls let this fact not ruin your married life and your bright future together especially now that you are married. For this I would suggest you have some isolated thinking time. Accept the fact that you have an age gap with your husband and thats how it is and going to be.
This itself will help you get over what’s really over and focus on the new bright future awaiting the both if you together inshaAllah.

I would ask you to speak to a counsellor and resolve your issues.
Also speak to your husband and see how he can help you with this issue.

Sister, marriage is a very holy knot. A knot when tied allows a lot of blessing to shower on you like rain drops and when broken results into shaking of the throne of the Almighty.

And in your case, if you’re thinking of breaking away your marriage, is just and age gap really worth the aftermath?!

Best wishes.
In my prayers