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I got married in a Shia family……


Aslamu Alikum

I am 18 years old. I’m matric passed. Some people came to our house to see my sister for marrige but instead they liked me and wanted me to marry their son. I passed my matric recently. My parents told them all about my age and education and they agreed to marry me to thier son. My husbands Mother is shia and father is sunni. Our nikah was according to sunni and they told that they dont do matam and are not all pure shia so my parents seeing that the porposal was very good agreed to hold my marrige. I am now married and when I came to house I was told that they wont force me to be shia and respect my beliefs but now they are kind of forcing me to become a shia my husband forces me to go to Imam bargah with them and do matam. My husband says that if i become shia then we are going to have children and our children are also going to be shia and do matam. I have read quran twice but without translation and I dont have enough knowledge . I have went to imambargah but they talk alot of wrong things that are against my beliefs . I am very worried and I need help. They tell me to offer 2 prayers together and tell me alot of things against my beliefs Please help me.

Please guide me.


Assalamu Alaykum sister
Thank you for your Question

It is indeed very tough to make such decisions haphazardly.

I will suggest you speak to your husband about your feelings and confusion. Be honest and let that clear communication be there between you and your husband.

I will suggest you ask for sometime from your husband. Ask him not to force you into his faith. Ask him for some time to read good material and see which sect sits well with your mind and heart.

You see sister, it is incorrect to stick to a belief or sect just because you’re born into it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t support it. But you may also want to read and explore the option that’s brought forward to you and then either support it or turn to the correct option.

Either way, to begin with, I can suggest the book “and then I was guided”. Read this book thoroughly. Ask your questions from both Sunni and Shia Alims. And see what they have to say.
Maybe this is the way Allah wants you to learn about your faith better.


In the mean time, you can ask your husband to be patient while you do your reading and finding out

InshaAllah all goes well and you’re able to find the truth.