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I found my love after 13 years and want to marry her but my wife is against this…..


I am a married man. I liked a girl 20 years back and could not forget her rather prayed to Allah to find her for me. Now after I am married for 13 years having 4 kids. I have found the lady who had got widowed 10 years back and raising a son alone. Her parents expired. Her brothers left him and since then she is fighting alone with young son, working as teacher and now as lecturer after getting Masters. I want to marry her to give her my name and support but when I showed my intent to my first wife she totally got against this and says if I tried to marry her either she will suicide or leave the house or get divorced. Please guide me. As I can’t forget my first love and cant leave her and her son alone in this miserable condition.


Waalaykum al-salam
Thank you for your question,

It is good that you are considering helping a widowed woman. However, helping her at the cost of spoiling your relationship with your wife and your entire family is not advisable. More so, because you had feelings for her in the past. This fact itself can hurt your wife’s current feelings for you and shatter your love and trust.
However, according to Islamic laws, a man can certainly marry more than a wife. But of course, there has to be a genuine reason for the act and justice must be preserved between the two.
I wish you all the best.