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I feel my marriage is invalid


asalaam Alie kum warahamatallahi wahbarakatahoo
feel like my marriage is invalid I had my nikkah this past May I went too his country meet him and everything we had sexual activity’s not sex for say but four play I knew it was wrong but did it anyways before our nikkah and yes I know it’s big sin in Islam so please don’t judge me… I told him we can’t do our nikkah now because what we did we have wait 3 months now… he told me no we don’t because we didn’t really have sex… so I said ok we got married but still to this day I feel big guilt what I did and that our marriage in not valid and every time we have sex now I’m doing something wrong…


Alaikum salam wa Rahmatullah Sister.

Your Marriage is valid but you need to seek repentance and ask for forgiveness if any kind of close relationship happened with your spouse before pronouncing the verbal and be it temporary or permanent.
The three month period of iddah should have been observed when a woman is divorced or becomes a widow.

Salma Alavi.