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Bad Company


I have a problem, I was a good muslim and I want to show my friend the truth too , but my friend was too bad as I thought to show him the straight path , so every time i wanted to talk about the religion he would talk against it , all I thought that I could help him but I am too weak and I cant help him , I feel that I am losing my religion feel bad because being with someone that have different believes would affect you I even dont know whats good and bad, I really hate myself , in other way we really respect each other for every thing ,thats one of the point that i cant give up with him . this situation really kills me , I love Islam I dont want Allah to misguide me. I have lost 10 kilos because of depression.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
Allah never misguides anyone. It is ones own doings that misguided him my brother.
I don’t see any fruit of the friendship.
Friendship does not mean respect for one another. Rather it means to have things in common where your thoughts are in harmony with one another and your compatible with each other in many things.
In your case, I don’t see this!

I would suggest you give your friendship a different look and look for other people to be friends with.

A friendship that ends up to be mental and physical disturbance is not a friendship.

Mind you, I’m not saying to cut ties with the person, rather while maintaining  your friendly gestures, you must associate with other people who will pull you close to Allah, and make you feel like your real self again.
Take good care of yourself. It is very important

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery