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Losing faith in Ahl albait


Salaam ! sir my sister was cancer patient in 2008 and she was recovered according to doctors reports and she was living a healthy life but last year i visited iran and iraq for zirat ,when i was at there she called me on phone to pray for her that may she never have that disease (cancer) again in her life and i did it so i prayed for her at almost on every ones shrine even on Imam Ali reza a.s and Imam Ali a.s and on Imam hussain a.s because someone told me that if you prayed on imam hussain a.s shrine your prays will be accepted and so i came back my home country and we were living happiliy but only after 2 months she was again attacked by cancer according to doctors and i feel waswajaat in my mind that satan said to me oh how pity on you that you prayed at shrines but she become ill and and their are no miracles and your prays are not accepted on even on the tombs of imam hussain a.s . i was so disheart and evil thinking are always comming in my mind that look you hav to pray only to ALLAH not to every one that is why you are facing penalty and wahabism is good religion not yours . i am feeling so irritated plz help me out .i am not having intrest even in namaz and good deeds plz help me


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

The only being who is liable to be Asked and prayed to is Allah (swt).
The Ahl al-Bayt (s) are our interceders (wasila) towards Allah(swt)
We do not directly ask them to grant us our wish rather we ask them to pray for us and ask Allah to help us.
Therefore, nobody needs to turn towards wahabism to ask and connect to Allah (swt).

Also, duas are sometimes granted and sometimes not. Since we are bounded to material world, we can’t see the flip side of the case and the benefit that a denial of a prayer may have on the person. Allah clearly says in Quran (2:216):

Warfare has been prescribed for you, though it is repulsive to you. Yet it may be that you dislike something, which is good for you, and it may be that you love something, which is bad for you, and Allah knows and you do not know.

As you can see, the prayers you have done for your sister were so sincere and strong that Satan actually had to chase you in person and keep you away from prayers and Making more dua.
Satan is found in mosques, Harams and houses that Allah and the Ahl bayt are remembered in. You will never see him in places of evil.
Satan reads you as a pious man and has made sure that he brings you down from this lofty position.

In this case, I’d sincerely ask you to pray. Pray hard and show Allah (swt) how helpless you are, and ask him to do the best for your sister and pray for her shifaa.

InshaAllah your sister fully recovers. The results depend on many factors and not just Allah’s direct wish. If in this process, you prove to be a good servant to Allah, you will build this inner strength that will help you stand for your sister as well InshaAllah

You and her are in my prayers
Kind regards