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I feel fear when away from home


Aslam-o-Alikum, Ramzan Mubarik. Sir, sorry for the name. I am a muslim boy age 24, my issue is that i feel fear. Like from 5 to 6 months or may be more. I feel fear. Before that i was ok. I am sharing some scenario with you. Like i feel fear of death, something bad will happen etc. I was on official tour to dubai. While i am on aeroplane i was worried that some thing will happen. I was actually in a state of fear. Whenever i travel far from house i feel fear and i wasnt comfortable at all, and I want to go home, after i reached home i feel peace. Like i use to travel alot because my village is in hilly area and is far away from my present address. I never feel fear. But now whenever i go to village. I am so uncomfortable and feeling worried on the way. I dnt know why.. but it is hapepening from last 5 to 6 months. Before that i was ok.I dnt know whats wrong with me. I need your help.. kindly guide me what should I do. Yeseterday I wake up at night and i feel fear and switch on the lights after that i distract my self by playimg some game and than i sleep again. Kindly help me. Stay Blessed Ameen.



Wa alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question.
Fear is a natural response to danger which has been given to us by Allah to protect us from those dangers. But the fear you have described is not this kind of fear. It is a fear that seems to have no basis, but rather something that you just feel, which is based on your imagination. In simple terms your fear is out of balance and you need to work on rebalancing it. So the way to go about curing this is to firstly ignore your fear when it arrises. Do those things that you fear and your fear will eventually disappear when you see that there is really nothing to worry about.
The second thing to do is to not to focus on your fear. Don’t look too deep for the cause of the problem, and try not to say or think that you really have an issue with fear. The cause of your fears is your imagination that something will go wrong, but all is in God’s hands so only those things that are not good for you won’t go the way you plan or expect. It is like you say something you have only experienced for a short time and something that will also disappear quickly in the same way that it appeared, if Allah wills.
May Allah increase you strength

Zoheir Ali