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I failed so many times in buisness now I have no what to do?


I failed few times in running a buisness i dont know its due to my mistakes or my partners.Now i have two small companies one is closed and another is new but before starting new company i am worrying about my partner that may be the same attitude he would not start again in future.Now i have no idea and confused that what to do ? please give me suggestions regarding this i am living in uae.


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.


Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w said:

العِبادَةُ عَشرَةُ أجزاءٍ تِسعَةُ أجزاءٍ في طَلَبِ الحَلالِ

“Worship has ten parts, nine parts of which are in earning the Halal Rizq.” (Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol 100, pg 9)


There is a lot of reward in earning Halal as mentioned in the above hadith. Business in this crisis is hard to start but not impossible. Many businesses have been closed due to the pandemic. But to start anything, you need to have full information regarding the work such as, make a market research, write your business plan, fund your business, pick a good location for your business. Check the supply which is required in U.A.E. Also get guidance from the businessmen who have been having business there, to get a better idea how and where to start from. If you already own a company then I would recommend that instead of starting another business, try to polish the same business you have.

Try to fulfill your Islamic responsibilities such as paying Khums, praying Salat every day and on time, and taking care of the other Wajibaat. This would bring Barakah in your life and business.

Regarding if it’s your mistake or your partner’s, analyze and look for the shortcomings in the last business. Sometimes there are different things or causes which affect the business. Considering those things would help in building a better business next time.

Along with this, have trust in Allah swt and  do Tawassul with Ahlul Bayt (as) by reciting any tasbeeh such as Salawat tasbeeh and sending its reward to our Imams(as). Read Quran every day and ask Allah swt to help you in your business.

Never give up, try your best in earning Halal by considering all the things from your side and leaving the rest on Allah swt.

I pray that considering these things may help you in a better way.



Syed Haider