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I entered in a job with making of some artificial certificate


im from india, i have been working for two years in sharjah, i entered in a job with making of some artificial certificate, actually its doesnt need because i have the minimum qualification to enter that particular job. it was by mistake, i didnt care… abtout that when iam making the certificate. now iam getting very attractive salary.. but iam afraid of allah now… what can i do…. ? if i revealed my mistakes here they will punish and put me in jail, i think….. can u give me a solution for me ? i made experience certificate and one diploma certificate .. its not required here….

Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question 
If, as you said, the certificate is not mandatory for securing your job then your income is halal.
However, we should be careful not to lie. For Allah despises those who lie and has promised a follow up on the day of judgement. 

Kind regards